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If you want to be converted to the wheel must understand the things    Date:2016-11-13
The first thought to change the car you want to change the place that must be a tire wheel, the wheel is just a modification of the road". And recently there has been news, in 2017 will be to relax the policy of home car modification, which contains a wheel. At that time many friends must immediately find the hub without demur ready for off. But before I hope you can come to see some simple common sense of the wheel, and then to pick their own wheels.

Modified wheels have to pay attention to three points
1, wheel diameter size
If the table is that the wheel diameter error and the actual speed, running speed will lead to "imperceptibly speeding", but also the existence of scraping wheel arches and wing risk. Recommended to increase the size of the wheel hub at the same time, the corresponding reduction in the flat tire ratio, as far as possible to maintain a consistent with the original wheel diameter size.

2, hub hole distance
As the name suggests is a few small holes on the wheel, not all of the wheels are applied to each car, usually different car lines are different. In the purchase should pay attention to the size of the wheel hub is appropriate, to avoid the trouble of buying the wrong.
Tips: if they like, but the hole is not suitable for the wheels, can be used to solve the problem of flange plate.

3, wheel width should pay attention to
Many people feel that the width of the tire, can increase the catch productivity, to improve vehicle cornering performance. Even so, but it is not all right, for some small dynamic models, to increase the tire width, although improved but catch fertility, will greatly reduce the vehicle power, and will result in increased fuel consumption, eventually The loss outweighs the gain.

The modified wheel is the most important to buy the regular manufacturers of qualified products, do not buy the hub for cheap and unknown source or origin, this kind of hub quality is often not what if that happened on the way to the quality problem but very serious consequences!
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ADD:Fuying second industrial area B Building 1 floor B Jianan Road Tangwei community Fuyong  Baoan District Shenzhen CHINA,
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