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SHENZHEN TOPYES AUTO PARTS CO., LTD is professional automotive Hub high performance modified part manufacturer in China. The main products are flange, shim, hub, lightweight screw and nut. TOPYES is design, manufacture and sales company. It has 13 years experience and skill for top level products in America and Japanese market. It has more than 30 years processing technology. It has automotive production line and stable quality system.  SHENZHEN TOPYES AUTO PARTS CO., LTD has high quality performance products. From 2017 year, it promoted MaxGuard as Preferred brand in China. TOPYES has authorized agents (DJCARS, Chengdu ShangCheng Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd, SanHe group). We would like to cooperate with all companies and agents for our products. 
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ADD:Fuying second industrial area B Building 1 floor B Jianan Road Tangwei community Fuyong  Baoan District Shenzhen CHINA,
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